Tips for Traveling with a Motorcycle

For those of you who want to go on vacation later in the year, traveling can be an alternative.

Traveling can be done in many ways. Can be backpacker or can be through a travel agent.

Besides using a car or public traveling vehicle, you can also use a motorcycle.

Using a motorbike for traveling is very easy and profitable because of the possibility that if you use a car or public vehicle, we might be faced with traffic jams towards the end of this year.

Therefore, if we decide to travel using a motorcycle, there are some tips that we can do so that this December holiday runs smoothly and there are no disturbances.

1. Check the condition of the motorcycle

Checking the condition of a motorcycle is very important for your safety. Starting from the brakes, gas, tire conditions and others.

So I suggest to bring your motorbike to the workshop first to be checked before traveling.

2. Study the route, path and time you will travel

Before deciding to go on a motorcycle to a certain area, we should study the route we will take and determine the travel time.

The best step we can do is bring a GPS, with GPS we can know the Distance, Route and time we will travel.

This is important so you can get an idea of the road conditions that you will travel.

3. Bring complete vehicle documents

Bringing ID cards and motorbike papers is also important to prevent if there is a problem and so that we can have a quiet and comfortable vacation.

4. Equipment

First check the equipment before traveling such as:

  • Helmets, protect safety during travel.
  • Jackets and Raincoats, Make sure you wear a jacket that is safe and warm to protect you from exposure to wind when driving, also bring a raincoat if the weather is bad.
  • Simple keys, to repair the motorbike if there are problems on the way.

5. Body health

Before traveling we must also check our health and do not force ourselves to travel far if we are sick.

It’s also a good idea to bring the medicines needed on the way.

6. Traffic signs

During the trip you must still comply with traffic signs. Do not carelessly let alone violate traffic signs.

7. Pray

After everything is prepared, don’t forget to pray before the trip. Pray to be safe until the destination until you return to your home in good health.

Those are some tips that we can do when going on a motorcycle.

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