Things to Know About Motorcycle Insurance

Things to know about Motorcycle Insurance

Every thing must have a risk, because of these risks, many insurance products are popping up to answer that problem.

Having insurance is indeed very important to protect you in various aspects. Like health, education, also for your personal vehicle.

For those of you who have two-wheeled vehicles or motorcycles, you certainly know how vulnerable the type of vehicle is.

For those of you who feel that you are very careful in driving, you are still at risk of getting an accident.

So, if you want to always guarantee the safety of your favorite vehicle, you should insure your motorbike immediately.

These are the things you need to know in insuring a motorbike.

1) Insurance selection

When you want to insure your motorcycle, the most important thing for your consideration is the brand of the insurance company that you will choose.

By recognizing the insurance company, you can find out whether or not the insurance offered.

It does not need to be expensive, provided you are suitable and know very well that the track record is good for you to consider.

2) Claim Process

For those of you who are new to using insurance products for your vehicle, please note that each insurance company has different offers.

Therefore, choose insurance that suits your vehicle’s needs.

Also consider the types of damage claims offered by insurance companies to avoid problems that can occur when you will make a claim.

3) Premium

Choose the premium package that suits you. It’s good if you choose premium payments that are paid every month or every three months.

You should not choose premium payments made every year or every six months.

Insurance companies that offer these payment systems usually have the intention to attract some additional costs to you.

4) Discounts

Don’t just be lulled by the offers provided by the insurance for you to get.

Also consider each insurance company that provides discounts or discounts on insurance products.

Choose the one that provides the best protection at an affordable cost. For the record, usually many insurance companies provide conditions to get the discount.

Ask until you are clear about the discount program they provide.

What are Guaranteed Motorcycle Insurance?

If the first time you are definitely confused about what should be guaranteed when choosing motorbike insurance, you can check the list below.

The policy guarantees losses caused by:

  • Collision, upside down, slip or fall
  • Other people’s evil deeds
  • Theft, including theft that is preceded or accompanied by violence or threats
  • Fire caused by lightning
  • Damage during vehicles in crossings using ferries managed by the Director General of Land Transportation
  • Crane costs.

There are also risks that are not guaranteed by the insurance company:

  • Loss of profits as long as the vehicle cannot be used due to an accident
  • Losses due to embezzlement
  • Loss or damage of additional or non-standard equipment not mentioned in the policy summary
  • As a result of bad deeds committed by the insured or the family of the insured
  • Vehicles are used to learn to drive or race or carnival or crime
  • Drivers don’t have a driver’s license or violate traffic rules
  • Cargo in the vehicle
  • Overload
  • As a result of natural or war disasters and the like.

You need to know a little that the data mentioned above is usually applied to new motors.

For old or used motorcycles, there is a slight difference in insurance. There aren’t many choices to get for used motorcycles.

The system that is usually applied to used motorcycles is Total Lost Only (TLO).

This is because the costs that will be incurred by the company to replace the damage that occurs on used motorcycles will be more if you apply the All Risk system.

There are limits given to used vehicles because if an accident occurs, additional costs will occur due to rare and difficult to obtain spare parts.

Use Insurance to make you more calm

Once you know what things you need to know about motorcycle insurance, it’s time for you to insure your motorbike immediately.

By providing protection for your favorite vehicle, you should feel more calm and comfortable.

But you need to remember, you should keep driving safely and carefully. The message that reads “better to maintain health than cure” also applies to you motorbike users.

So obey all applicable provisions and prioritize safety.

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