Easy Tricks to Overcome Voice Noise in Car Cabin

Silent cabin is the dream of every car owner.

With a quiet cabin, comfort will increase, listening to music will certainly feel even more exciting.

Easy Tricks to Overcome Voice Noise in Car Cabin

But not infrequently, the cabin of the car also makes noise. That was obviously disturbing.

Besides being important to know what caused it, you also need to know how to overcome it.

These are some of the easiest effective ways to overcome them:

Replace Gardan Oil

If the noise in your car comes from a car axle, you can overcome it by changing the oil with a thicker one.

This method is quite easy. You also don’t need to change the axle.

However, if it turns out that there is a broken part of the axle, it must be replaced.

If it’s not too bad, you can reset it so that the axle doesn’t get damaged.

Replacing Damaged Components

Other causes can also be due to problems with car components, especially the legs of the car.

Generally, the noise will emerge when your car runs at high speed, like 50 km / h or even more than that.

The cause of noisy noise from the legs of the car, one of which is the bushing arm that has worn or even broken.

Not only bushing arm, but also other parts such as tie road, ball joint, shockbreaker.

The fix is of course by replacing the damaged one with a new one.

Lubricate with Grease

Noise in the cabin of the car can be caused by metal friction inside the cabin.

If that happens, immediately check the outside or the inside to find out the source of the noise.

The goal is to avoid damage due to friction that will get worse.

One way to overcome this is to lubricate it using grease.

Install Sound Absorbers

Sound absorbers are made of various materials such as rubber coated with aluminum foil.

There are also sound absorbers made of glasswool material and even made of asphalt.

Otolovers can install sound absorbers in important parts, such as the base of the car.

Its function is to reduce the sound of screeching tires or the sound of splashing water when it rains.

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