5 Important Items that Must be in the Car

5 Important Items that must be in the Car

One of the factors that strengthens us to buy a car is the possibility or our habit of traveling long distances, both for leisure activities and routine activities such as work.

Even though we are good at driving or even knowing the way, not a few of us do not understand the machine or do not know the important things that must be taken and prepared to make situations and conditions under control when unwanted things occur along the way.

Some events that we certainly don’t want to experience or when suddenly the clouds turn gray and heavy rain falls, or maybe the unexpected traffic jam makes us starve or thirsty in the car in the middle of the length of the line of cars. For us, we must always be ready with important equipment that we may have considered trivial.

Here are 5 important items that must be available in your car.

1. Umbrella

The first is an umbrella, much needed when the rainy season arrives.

The umbrellas that we prepare should be large, because at that time we could be driving with other people, so that the umbrella must be able to protect 2-3 people at once rather than having to go back and forth, right? Poncho is of various types, but it would be better if we prepare the ones made from tarps to make them more durable, because the plastic material is easier to tear especially in the seams.

2. Snacks

Without intending to make you fat, but we never know when we can suddenly get hungry when a long traffic jam and unfortunately you forget to prepare small money for snacks or worse, a small shop is not visible along the road.

Prepare energy bars or light snacks such as biscuits and of course bottled mineral water, but it’s even better if you bring water in a plastic bottle so that you can ensure the contents are always fresh and also to keep us from using too many plastic bottles once waste. To maintain the environment, especially not to use it because using disposable plastic bottles makes us also waste randomly.

3. Flashlight

We don’t know when we will be on a dark road due to minimal lighting on the road and we need to open the hood of the car. So, always put the flashlight in the glove box compartment – there are several compartments that you can use in your car.

Make sure the battery is always removed to last longer and not suddenly run out when we need the flashlight.

Choose a flashlight with a type of lamp that saves energy so that the lifespan / lifetime of the flashlight is also long lasting for years, so you don’t need to always buy it because your flashlight is quickly damaged.

Even better if you buy a flashlight with a rechargeable battery feature.

4. Jack

we won’t know when events like flat tires hit us. This happened to a friend, fortunately at that time he wanted to enter the parking area of a mall, so he did not need to worry about ambient lighting and security.

However, he would not be able to do anything if he did not prepare spare jacks and tires.

So, always make sure these two items are available in your car and make sure you understand how to use the jack.

With the help of a flashlight, the tires leak at night are not a problem either.

5. First aid kit

Small accidents often occur to drivers, such as scratching when you are outside the car or maybe your legs are cramped while driving, you need immediate help. Many unexpected things that might occur when driving a car.

Always prepare hot balms or ointments to treat your tense muscles, Betadine and bandages to treat your wounds, dizziness or nausea medications that may be needed by passengers driving with you.

Antiseptic mouthwashing may also need to be prepared if you often overtime and do not carry a toothbrush.

that’s 5 important things that must be in the car, maybe there are still some things needed depending on our needs and initial preparation if something unexpected happens.

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