5 Advantages of the Nissan Livina

New player in the 2019 LMPV segment, the all new Nissan Livina. Adopted the Mitsubishi Xpander base and assembled it into the Nissan Livina.

What are the superior values offered?

Basis Xpander

Although many miss the pairing of the HR15DE and MR18DE engines on the Grand Livina, the use of the Xpander base is not a bad thing.

In order to build Xpander, of course the advantage that Xpander has is also on Livina. Dimensions for example. Livina’s cabin is one of the best in the segment.

Besides that, it is practical and comfortable. Xpander offers a good ride for passengers and a flat and double row of seats that can be folded.

Control is also good, with steering wheel weight light, precise and responsive and soft suspension slamming. Most of the goodness of Xpander was brought by the new Livina.


This can also be said to be a good point. Thanks to Xpander, Nissan was able to experiment with design, especially the face. Without having to bother making a new design from scratch.

If Xpander looks rather stiff and more macho, Livina managed to present a more calm and elegant product. With that, the community is increasingly choosing products in the LMPV segment.

If you want a more dynamic appearance, choose Xpander, while you want a more elegant one, Livina.


The highest variant of Livina is rich in features. Starting from smart key and entry and start engine access without key. To turn on the engine, just press the button.

7-inch infotainment guarantees entertainment in the cabin. More sophisticated, there is support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

From there you can also access the navigation map system. While from safety features, in addition to two air bags and ABS + EBD + BA brakes, Livina is the most guaranteed safety with vehicle dynamic control (VDC), traction control and hill start assists.

Brand Image

Nissan has a better reputation than Mitsubishi. Obviously because of Xpander, Mitsubishi’s first product in the LMPV segment.

In terms of post-sale, Nissan is also actively developing new Livina, the service quality is naturally increasing.


Compared to Xpander, Livina’s price is competitive. Even the lowermost variant of the Livina is cheaper than Xpander.

While in the segment, the average is higher. But that price must be redeemed for the various advantages it has.

While for the broader target, Nissan offers Livina in five choices with different completeness and transmission options. Options: E MT, EL MT, EL AT, VE AT and VL AT. The price range is RM 82,195 – RM 99,800.

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